Your turn Hubby

February 11, 2016

Hey Husband,

So just thinking about all the shit my reproductive system and body has been through over the years in our quest to have and not have babies.

You know with The Pill, falling pregnant, abortion, more pregnancies, ultrasound up the clacker, blood tests, anal swabs (fun), C-section, vag birth, tearing, stitches, episiotomy, more stitches, post birth constipation, mini pill, separated abdominal muscles, the pill again saw boobs, humungous nipples, the morning after pill cracked nipples, bad back…..

I could go on…. We used “the withdrawal method” to avoid more babies after Arlo. That’s how we got the twins…. withdrawing. If I had to go through another pregnancy I’d commit sui. I don’t want to spend 9 months on Sui watch. So ummmmm… What’s happening with your vasectomy? I know your scared to say goodbye to the little soldiers, your little warriors, your faithful army of conquerers, slaying, penetrating every egg in their path. They have served you well babe. You should be really proud. But really it’s time. This brings me to the drastic measures I’ve had to resort to. A complete sex strike. I am ignoring your penis until you get the snip. Not permitting it to brush past my leg in the hallway and when you talk about it I am going to start humming. Your penis is void in this relationship until the vasectomy. Because my body is done. It’s done reproducing and it’s done birth controlling. Your turn. Love wifey.

Constance Hall

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