Your Past Never Dies…

January 8, 2016

Deep breath… Remember that time.., moment.
Despite what this picture may lead you to believe, it’s not my debut into country music..

While I thought this image was lost in the abyss of unnecessary internet memories, like Jesus it has resurrected. The 2005 mullet really was the gift that didn’t stop giving. This was me, 11 years ago on Big Brother.. Wait for it.. I was the first kicked off. *cringe* While I thought being a loud mouth swearing binge drinking realist was exactly what every big brother voter wanted I was sadly mistaken. Sigh My time was brought to an end in a record breaking 10 days and interestingly while I thought I totally killed it in the house the show’s publicists advice was limited to “don’t worry, they’ll all forget who you are soon, just lay low.” Well people did forget and I went back to washing hair as an apprentice hairdresser with bad hair for a living.. Only over the last few days this little pearl has popped back up like herpes. Now the only people I really care about you you guys, the lovely ones who have take the time to read my shit, so I didn’t want you to feel lied to, vulnerable, dirty or betrayed if you saw via someone else. So yes, it’s me, yes the hair was voluntary, yes I was the first housemate evicted on Big Brother 2005. No I never regretted it, many a laugh has been had since at my expense, if you can’t laugh at your own expense then your not aloud to laugh at anyone else’s and frankly that just not a world I want to live in. Take me as I am.

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