You are blessed

February 8, 2016

If you happen to meet a new lover who
Already has children…

To the nearest jewellery shop and put a fucking ring on it.

A partner who already loves a child more then they love themselves is a gift, it cuts out so much of the crap a lot of us go through to reach a true love. Kids cut through crap. Fact. Yes, step kids can act like monsters, users and abusers, they require a tremendous amount of patience. But be patient because they are worth it, they are a grumpy little blessing just waiting to reveal themselves, a friendship like no other. Your partners ex? is a queen, she might not feel like your queen but a queen none the less. You might have heard the worst stories and you might have only seen her arsehole side, she is protecting herself and her baby. You are holding her heart and soul when you hold that child’s hand. To then go on and have more children with someone who already has them is probably the smartest thing you can ever do. It’s what you call the family jackpot. Even if your step child took a while to come around to you, they will love your baby instantly. What a gift? Instant older sibling love for your baby. Blessed is the family with halves and steps and in laws and weird ex’s that still come to family gatherings and foster kids tiny branches of love that spread in all directions. There is no halves in the love that a half brother or sister feels for each other , there are no steps in between the love you will have for your step child. You are blessed. Con

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