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May 2, 2016

Yesterday was Taenon’s fourth birthday party.

His family had booked a party at a nearby kid friendly restaurant, he was all excited, ready and waiting,… Only hours before… Almost everyone pulled out. This happens, we have all had to pull out of a kids party on the odd occasion, we just have to hope that we aren’t all pulling out of the same one… So Taenon’s mum Rachelle Briannan of Melbourne did what most modern mums in the year 2016 would do and she vented publicly in a post to a big Facebook online mothers group about the heart ache that comes with organising a huge party for your little man and knowing that his heart was about to break… What happened? Queens happened. All they wanted to know was when and where.. Next minute, 25 mums and dads from all over Melbourne that Taenon had never met before showed up.. A party shop Veronica’s Pantry rocked up and donated balloons.. Queens tried to pay the tab for the party.. Strangers, with and without kids were popping in to drop off presents… State Emergency Services stopped by to let the kids climb through the Rad big fire truck… Queens requesting postal addresses to send card and presents.. Rachelle was and still is speechless. Taenon was over the moon, had the best day. Queens smashed this party out and what on earth is more important then a little sweet pea on his fourth birthday. Bravo Rachelle for reaching out to your Queens and Bravo Queens for being Queens. And happy birthday little King Taenon, may you never forget how truly loved you are. Happy Monday Queens. Things are changing. Pre-order my book here!

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