I’m so Sorry

June 14, 2016

For anyone who’s never graced the gay club/night club scene let me share this with you.

I was a gay club regular, the security knew me by name and I travelled with a large pack Of my homosexual Queens. Why? Because night clubs freaked me out, everywhere you turn someone is trying to grope you, bashing each other, telling you that you were too fat for those pants.. Someone was always Rejecting/cracking onto/or bitching about someone. The Gay bars however…. Did not freak me out. Men would be laughing and sharing drinks and dancing, with me, with each other. Women were safe, lesbian, hetro, homosexual, We celebrated each other, our friendships were deep and our nights out reflected the pure joy of good honest shitfaced fun. When I drunkenly danced in a circle of shirtless bodies and smiling faces I was happy because I was safe, safe to let my guards down, safe to just enjoy. And now, that very safety that bubbles around these loving people was bursted, in the most undeserving fashion. To think that one deranged hateful prick can destroy so much beauty with one act.. Just inspires rage. Nothing good comes from rage.. So today instead, I am focusing all of my energy toward my love for the gay community. Thank you for being so endlessly fabulous and kind and accepting. Thank you for keeping me safe. No words from my mouth will do the sorrow or anger justice. But I know this, the gay community has not only survived ridicule, persecution, not only survived a government that refused to treat a disease that was killing its members and to this day it is still not only surviving but thriving with an abundance of love in a world that won’t permit them a legal marriage. They will survive this, they will get stronger, their love will be seen by more. There is no stopping a force driven by love and that is exactly what homosexuality is. A force driven by love. To the gay, lesbian, bi and transgender community. I am so sorry. Con Pre-order my book here!

Constance Hall

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