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August 20, 2014

Marriage counselling, weird kids and a faint lingering smell of urine..

Yep and thats on a good day, that’s a day when my husband and I can communicate for long enough to agree on one thing, to go to the counsellor. A day where I’m not screaming at my children for some bizarre act of arseholiness that leaves me Googling everything from autism to dyslexia to psychopathic tendencies in toddlers. And I’m actually feeling inspired enough to smile at how sweet their individual weirdness is. And that’s on a day where I cough or laugh or sneeze and only a small amount of urine uninvitedly invades my undies as opposed to enough to soak through my jeans. Hot. Brace Yourself folks!! I’ve started another BLOGGGGGGGGGG And it’s gonna be worse then ever. If anybody who doesn’t know me ever by some twist of fate stumbles across this blog – Allow me….. A little about myself. I’m Constance, a hairdresser, artist and passionate critic of all things judgy P&C mum and clean eating. I love my kids and have finally accepted that they are creeps and there is nothing I can do about it. My daughter Billie-Violet (BV) is 5 and some, Arlo is nearly 3. My husband Billy and I separated last year for a few months and then decided to try and reconcile when amongst other things we realised that even though we didn’t want anymore children we both really enjoyed the spawn we were already stuck with and didn’t mind each other much either. A month later I fell pregnant…… With twins. So after a lot of FML moments and wondering what I did in a past life to deserve this, we sucked it up and buckled up for a bumpy ride. That could hopefully be just excruciating enough to make for an entertaining blog, that or I will at least incur sympathy, which I enjoy also. If I can’t laugh I will cry, I do cry, at least once a day, but I laugh a lot more. Stay Tuned. *Post edited- I originally called out a blogger Queen by name as a point of reference, when talking about the fashion blogger epidemic! This was my intro post when starting this blog. The power of vulnerability and being well-known hadn’t sat on my shoulders yet- and of course I’m now more aware of the power of my words. Queen shaming is not what I’m about. Con xoxo


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