Guess what Queen?

February 18, 2016

You’re not a shit mum.
Even though your toddlers nappy is so full he’s dragging it a metre behind his bum, still not shit.

Even though you totally lost the one thing you’re trying to teach your kids to keep… Control, while yelling at them because they just wouldn’t shut up.

Still not shit.

Even though they have had magi noodles for dinner twice this week?

Still not shit.

Even though you forgot his school lunch, you didn’t make her do her home work, you picked the babies nose and wiped the snot on his own top, you didn’t force them to go to sleep before 9  last night and now they are both totally fucked, they both have head lice and dreadlocks and they kind of look like feral deros.. But they are happy happy feral deros, so you are DEFINITELY not a shit mum.

Because that 1 thing that makes you feel like a shit mum.. Is parental guilt.

And shit mums don’t have parental guilt.

So embrace your guilt, feel grateful that you have it, forgive yourself and go on being an amazing mum, who fucks up daily yet loves those little feral deros with every corner of your soul and let the guilt go.

You’ve got this Queenie.

Constance Hall

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