Childless Queens

February 24, 2016

A lot of queens without children message me and ask me if I still believe in their queen-hood.

I have always believed in a universal wisdom, karma, a knowledge that everything happens for a reason.

Yet some of the biggest hearted women I know have, through circumstances and different biological factors been left without children.

While some choose not to have kids, others are women who wanted them desperately, women who had more to offer children than I could have dreamt. We’re left with empty wombs and shattered hearts.

Adopting is much easier said than done and fostering can come with its own set of heartaches.

My faith in the universe has been challenged, why would I be given 4 babies and some be given none? It can’t be a coincidence that the women with such a shining gift of warmth to offer a child were so often the ones left without. All that warmth and love goes to waste?

It absolutely does not.

Then I learnt something really powerful, there is a reason.. There is always a reason..

Children are a 24 hour job, a 24 hour blessing. But at the same time they hold us to them which limits our movements.

Some women are too powerful to be tied to their own children, too warm to be limited to one family. Some women need to be free to help, love, spread warmth all across the universe.

Some children need women without children of their own, if it’s just an inspiring chat at the shops one day, a deeper friendship that is hard to have with their own parents, even more of a hands on role to improve their lives, generating money for their community or simply a voice for the voiceless.

If you are a queen who wanted children but wasn’t blessed with any, remember that the reason could be because you yourself are a blessing and you have no idea how desperately the world needs you.

And you’re going to continue to inspire, reach and change the lives of everyone you touch. With no children of your own you are able touch so many more.

There is nothing more queenly than that.

Don’t ever question yourself, your queen-hood or your power.

Love Con xx


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