Baby Blues

February 16, 2016

The hardest thing I ever did was my first baby, I don’t remember being more tired, lonely or overwhelmed in my life.

Yes the more you have the more your work load grows but there is nothing like the wave of shock that hits you when you bring home your first baby.

Remember these things,

Nothing is permanent, don’t ever feel like you have let yourself down, you have created a monster or in anyway made your own life harder by spoiling your baby. Every day is different, some days baby sleeps and you brush your teeth, some days baby doesn’t and you rock in the corner staring at the wall.

Time spent enjoying yourself is not time wasted. There is nothing more important then your mental health. Do something everyday that you WANT to do. Maybe that’s going for a run, maybe it’s youtubing cat videos.

Some mums seem like naturals. They have blow dried hair and expensive prams. Inside they want to drown themselves in vodka, file for divorce and pull a bong too. They are just private queens so they do this on the inside. We are all struggling.

Vaginal births, breast feeding and co-sleeping are great, but so are C-sections, formula and babysitters. Your happiness is more important then any of it.

You feel a huge divide between your partner and you, you feel like he just doesn’t understand. Do you know what? It’s likely that he doesn’t right now, but he will, he will learn to understand. The divide will shrink and you will feel connected again.

You are succeeding. Every single day that you get through, you are succeeding, with no sleep, loud screams, marital breakdowns, no post baby weight loss, you are succeeding.

You are such a fucking royal success story, what you are doing is phenomenal and overwhelmingly hard.

Don’t ever forget that Queenie.


Constance Hall

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